Garmin GPS Update: A Definitive Guide

Reaching your geographical nodes within the stipulated time frame has always been a priority of the existing Garmin customers. To fulfill such requirements, the worldly renowned Dutch company, primarily known as Garmin, prefers to release such Garmin GPS Update that holds the utmost potential in itself to fulfill those requirements. Let’s know more about the prerequisites to install such kind of updates at your own Garmin gadgets:

Vital necessities to be adhered before downloading the Garmin Map update

The trending Garmin Map update can only be installed at your workstations (most preferably Windows 7 and Macintosh) if the operating system consists of the prerequisites mentioned below: –

System requirements for Windows 

• Windows 7 SP1 or fresher, Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 (included).

• Display screen with 1024 pixels in width and 768 pixels in height, USB port with a RAM of 1 Gigabyte. 

• High-speed Internet connectivity (Not for use with dial-up, versatile, or satellite associations).

• 20 GB free disk space is required.

System requirements for Macintosh 

• OS X 10.11 or more up to date.

• Display screen with1440 pixels in width and 900 resolution pixels in height, USB port with a RAM of 1 Gigabyte.

• High-speed Internet connectivity (Not for use with dial-up, versatile, or satellite associations).

• 20 GB free disk space is required.

Apart from the mentioned above prerequisites, you need to install Garmin dock (i.e., Garmin Express) to search for the desired Garmin GPS Update and download it successfully on the mentioned above operating systems. Without taking much time, I will be throwing some light on the steps to download Garmin Express software: –

How to download Garmin Express software? 

Garmin Express software can effectively set up, enlist and deal with the newly released map updates for your Garmin gadget. Furthermore, the express software of Garmin will update Garmin GPS maps with the detailed demographics of street maps to ensure fast and accurate navigation. It’s time to unleash the potential of Garmin Express by learning the most prominent ways of downloading it: –

• Firstly, switch on your operating systems (either Windows 7 or Macintosh) and open the web browser on it.

• Next, search for the Garmin express software in your browser and click on the official webpage of Garmin from where you can download Garmin express.

• When you reach the download page, you will find two options, first is Download for Windows, and the second is Download for Mac.

• Click the option as per your choice and download the Garmin Express software on your system.

• Then open the installed executable file of Garmin Express by double-clicking the setup and follow the on-screen instructions displayed by the prompts.

• Finally, the Garmin Express is installed, and you can close the prompt window.

These are the downloading steps that might be similar for other GPS Updates like Tomtom GPS Update and Magellan GPS Update.

The time has now come to know the steps to get registered on Garmin and update Garmin GPS maps with no error. Let’s begin: –

Steps to do registration on Garmin account

Registering yourself on Garmin’s official not only offers credentials to login but also lets the Garmin server stores all your information so that you may check for updates later on. So, prefer to register your record to acquire the full advantages of the Garmin product. You can begin with the mentioned below steps: –

  • Firstly, enable the GPS navigation on your Garmin gadget.
  • After that, connect your PC with the wireless network.
  • Open the dashboard now and tap the Garmin button in blue colour.
  • Click the Settings tab. Then, go to account Profile and get yourself registered for New Account.
  • Enter your personal information as subtleties to complete the registration process. 

Now, you can surely install the required Garmin GPS Map Update. All you need to do is unbox your Garmin gadget and follow the instructions mentioned below to update the GPS maps: –

Instructions to install the necessary Garmin map update

Garmin maps can deliver the most promising ways of reaching your checkpoints with the best routes displayed by the device. Additionally, it is feasible to travel your favourite point-of-interests through the outstanding functionalities of the updated Garmin maps. To reach your favourable checkpoints on-time and use the features of Garmin GPS update, in the long run, you must execute these steps cautiously: –

• Connect the Garmin device with your Windows 7 or Mac computer through the mini USB cord. Prefer to insert the minor end of the wire inside the device’s slot and the major one inside the computer’s port.

• Open the Garmin Express application installed at your computer and log in with your credentials. We have already discussed the registration process in the above section. After you enter your credentials, click the Login button and search for the Support section.

• To spot the Support option, look at the top and click the three horizontal-line symbol. Now, find the Check for updates option and click on it. This step is mandatory as the Garmin express will search for the available Garmin map update so that you can install it successfully.

• Now you have a suite of updates in front of your device’s screen. Click the one you wish to install and follow the on-screen instructions displayed by the update wizard.

•Wait till the wizard customizes the installed map updates and finishes the update’s installation procedure. Click on Finish Now as the update is expertly installed.

• Disconnect the Garmin device from the computer by ejecting the mini USB cable from it and restart your device.

Conclusion :

With the easy-to-implement installation steps illustrated in this section, the existing Garmin users can successfully enjoy the award-winning functionalities of the downloaded Garmin GPS Map Update and travel to long routes with unexpected twists and turn safely. Still if you feel you need help further then do not hesitate to go through GET GPS GUIDE.